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3 Reasons Synthetic Oil Is Good for Guns in the Military

Feb 21st 2020

When you search for "gun oil used by military", you'll find many different options. It's no surprise that a 2016 report projected that the metalworking fluids (MWF) market will reach $9.74 billion by 2020. Synthetic lubricants are one of the different options you can potentially choose. They have unique benefits that perhaps make them worth the investment. Here are some reasons synthetic oils can be good for your equipment.

Temperature performance

Using synthetic oil can help provide your equipment with better temperature control. This includes both low-temperature performance and high-temperature performance. Most synthetic oils have colder pour points. This results in a quicker start to the lubrication process. In addition, this helps your firearm to function better in cold temperatures. This could particularly be useful to military personnel stationed in cold environments. Additionally, synthetic oil can assist in providing protection to equipment in high temperatures. It's because synthetic oil has a high viscosity index, which allows the viscosity to be mostly consistent. All of this assists in making your equipment function in the most extreme conditions.


Another possible reason synthetic oil shows up in "gun oil used by military" searches is its resistance ability. With military guns being metal, they can deteriorate over time because of weather conditions, friction, and even the acid that comes from sweat and your skin oil. Synthetic oil provides your weapon with protection against these elements. It can also resist thermal breakdown, sludge, and oxidation. Synthetic oils are made up of oil molecules that are pure, which is what allows it to be able to provide resistance. Synthetic oil is able to withstand the high heat that comes with using high powered firearms such as assault rifles and machines. It can also protect against any deposit formation or buildup of carbon and lead that can clog your equipment. In addition, this kind of oil can help decrease the potential of corrosion and other types of damage. All of the resulting reduction of wear and tear can potentially increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Weapon function and cleanliness

Synthetic oil can help improve the functioning of a weapon in a few different ways. When applied in your equipment, it’s able to assist in preventing your firearm from jamming. It’s important for a weapon to be ready to function in the event of an emergency situation. Other functions of a firearm that might improve with synthetic oil include bolt action, muzzle velocity, pattern consistency, and distance of shots. Additionally, this oil is helpful in keeping military equipment clean. It’s designed to flush out elements such as dirt and any type of grime in the weapon.

With many options you can find from searching "gun oil used by military", it's important to do your research. These were some of the main benefits of using synthetic oil. Be sure to learn more about the benefits of synthetic lubricants and other types of lubricants to determine the best option for your equipment.