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3 Reasons Synthetic Lubricants are Worth the Investment for Your Equipment

3 Reasons Synthetic Lubricants are Worth the Investment for Your Equipment

Aug 27th 2020

  1. While synthetic lubricants are more expensive, many benefits can be achieved by opting to use synthetic motor oil. Lubricant distributors will help provide additional information about some of the perks of using synthetic oil. Some of these benefits include better temperature performance and improved fuel economy. These advantages outweigh the costs and can pay off ultimately. Here are three reasons why synthetic lubricants are worth the investment for your equipment.

Low and High Temperature Performance

For starters, synthetic lubricants provide enhanced low and high-temperature performance. Synthetic lubricants provide feature colder pour points, enabling the oil to lubricate faster and the engine to start easier, especially on cold mornings with below-zero temperatures. For higher temperatures, the lubricating film will provide improved protection, as the viscosity of a synthetic will remain more consistent. It's difficult to shield equipment from harsh weather conditions completely, so a synthetic can be a great asset to a vehicle's overall performance. Lubricant distributors can help you determine the best product for you and your equipment.

Less Oil Changes with Synthetics

Synthetic oils also have a greater resistance to thermal breakdown, oxidation, and sludge. Standard motor oils should be changed anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Synthetic motor oil can outlast that time. Because of longer drain intervals, the initial investment in a synthetic starts to pay off. A mistake many car owners make is changing a synthetic oil at the same rate they would a standard motor oil. Synthetic oil can last for more than 25,000 miles.

Purity and Fuel Mileage Benefits

Decreased fluid friction, as well as an increase in horsepower, are the benefits of synthetic oil, which incorporates pure oil molecules. If parts are better lubricated and wear and tear are reduced, longer engine life and greater efficiency are the outcomes. Because the engine operates more efficiently with a decreased drag on engine parts, improved fuel mileage is seen when switching from mineral oil to a synthetic.

Lubricant Distributors Here to Help

Lubricant distributors focus on excellence, by offering quality products and services to improve the reliability of customer equipment, as well as increase profitability. There are about 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide who understand a customer's specific needs and want to offer the best possible product.

An investment in a synthetic lubricant or high-mileage will pay off with a lessening of engine problems and fewer oil changes. While this lubricant will initially be more costly, it will effectively improve the integrity of your equipment over time. It's better to invest in synthetic lubricants from trusted lubricant distributors now, then pay for costly repairs or replacement of equipment later.