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Wet Hose Fueling


If you need a fuel supplier, our fuel programs that include wet hose fueling and on-site fueling offer competitive pricing, benefits, and incentives. Our wet-hose fueling option is great for your refueling your fleet or various construction jobs, regardless of the season. We offer this service within a 40 mile radius of the Sikeston, Missouri area. This can be done on-site, without hassle. We provide tanks, pumps, and meters for your locations. On a temporary basis—for site specific jobs—we can provide double walled fuel tanks and provide fuel delivery.

  • Samson Drum Pump for Non-Corrosive fluids. Part number 1240.

    SAMSON Drum Pump (Non-Corrosive Fluids)

    Drum pump for fluids. Lever action barrel pump. Steel pump body, spout and telescopic suction tube. Die cast head, steel piston, brass rings and nitrite rubber seals. Bung threads fits 16 - 55 gallon drums. Ideal for use with light viscosity lubricants...

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  • 1428-30'x1/2" NPTM

    Samson Medium Pressure 30'x 1/2" Hose Reel

    Samson's 1400 Series Medium Pressure full metal hose reels are perfect for service shops, general manufacturing, quick lubes as well as car and truck dealerships. Fluids that can be handled are antifreeze, synthetic and mineral oils, and windshield...

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  • Universal Stub Pump with bung adaptor, roughly 4.4lb (2 kilograms)

    SAMSON PumpMaster 2-3:1 Ratio Stub Pump

    Double acting air operated medium pressure pumps for dispensing lubricants from mobile units, oil distribution packages and small systems. Pumps include height 2″ NPTM adjustable bung adaptor for tank or drum bung mounting. Built in pressure relief...

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  • Samson control valves are used at the end of the hose assembly to dispense water-based fluids and lubricants. Some of the more commonly dispensed products are:

Synthetic and mineral based oil, antifreeze, gear oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils and other like fluids.

    SAMSON Electronic Preset Meter

    Electronic preset meter designed to meter and dispense bulk fluids servicing automobiles, trucks, buses and other similar applications. The meter is light weight, rugged and has a comfortable grip. It can be used with motor oils, gear oils, ATF, pure...

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  • 275 Vertical Oil Tank Package

    The 275 vertical oil tank package has everything you need to get your shop ready for fluid dispersion. The package includes a 275 gallon upright (vertical) tank which houses the equipment on top, taking up a much smaller footprint than conventional tanks...

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