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Santie Oil Company is an industry-trusted oil and specialty lubricants wholesale distributor located in central and southeast Missouri. We supply consumers and manufacturers across the country with high quality commercial lubricants. We cater to government and military accounts as well offering our wide range of Mil-Spec products.




Santie Oil Company was founded in the later 1930s. Located in Malden, MO, Santie Oil Company was a well-diversified petroleum distributor. We sold gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, aviation fuel, lubricants, tires, grease and a number of other industrial products. 


Santie Oil Company has been supplying lubricants, greases, oils, and equipment to businesses all over the Midwest alone for over 70 years. President Bruce Barnes has been involved in the oil industry since 1981.  In August of 1990, Bruce opened our headquarters in Sikeston, MO and to this day we still distribute our products and services out of this warehouse.  


 Over time, we have evolved our product offering to suit our customers’ needs. As business was growing, Bruce decided to open another warehouse in St. Louis, MO in 2004. Since then, Santie Oil Company has become one of the biggest oil wholesale distributors across the United States.